A 60 % reduction in infrastructure costs by using AWS Lambda

60% cost reduction

Fragsheet was founded in 2022 with a clear but ambitious goal: make gaming a better experience for everyone. Fragsheet's new AI coaching service offers a new approach to gaming improvement and delivers an unprecedented gaming experience. By crafting personalized AI models based on individual gaming data, they've created unique and tailored experiences for each player. These AI models provide deeper insights into players' abilities and potential for improvement compared to mere statistics.


Problem description

Fragsheet wanted to move their infrastructure to AWS and asked Altostruct to help them on this endeavour. Given the substantial data requirements of Fragsheet's AI models, they needed an infrastructure that was both flexible and cost efficient. Yet, they faced uncertainty regarding how to navigate AWS's complexities to achieve this goal. Therefore, Fragsheet partnered with Altostruct to build a fast, reliable and cost-optimised infrastructure.


Since Fragsheet didn't have any previous implementations on AWS, we had the opportunity of building an optimized infrastructure from scratch. Our aim was to establish a flexible infrastructure that enables personalized AI models for each user on the platform. We opted for AWS Lambda functions for model creation, training, and updates due to their speed and cost-effectiveness. This flexibility and the ability to continuously update user models was the main reason behind our choice of Lambda over other AI compatible services on AWS like for example SageMaker.

Furthermore, to enhance system robustness and fault tolerance, we integrated AWS Simple Queue Service (SQS), a queuing service. So when an error occurs, it automatically gets sent back to the queue. As the number of users grow, this function becomes crucial to ensure scalability.

By implementing this solution, we achieved a remarkable reduction in infrastructure costs, up to 60 %.


Through our collaboration with Fragsheet, we've taken AI usage in gaming to new heights with an impressive transition to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This transition enables the creation of personalized AI models powering Fragsheet's AI Coach, providing players with unique and tailored gaming experiences. By using AWS Lambda functions for model creation and training, coupled with SQS for error handling, we've built an efficient and cost-effective infrastructure. This innovation has reshaped our perception of AI in gaming and promises an exciting future for gamers worldwide.