Arty's Journey to Powering AI Media Solutions: 7x Faster Data ingestion with AWS

cutting-edge security technology
7x lower latency
Equivalent of 2 engineer workloads saved

Arty is a venture sprung from the PR agency Reform Society, which has over twenty years of unique business experience. Arty is the result of the realisation that a search-based media overview no longer is enough. They have developed a dynamic AI-powered media monitoring and recommendation tool that recommends what is relevant for you and your business, making sure that you are able to see through all the noise of information.

Problem description

Arty realized early the need for a scalable infrastructure to match the surging demand. As an AI-powered platform, with a continuously increasing stream of data and users, they needed a more streamlined and scalable solution to meet their clients' evolving needs.

Arty faced the challenge of ingesting data from many different external sources, each with varying time schedules for data retrieval. Consequently, if handled inefficiently, this leads to prolonged response times and surging costs.

Therefore, necessitating an architecture that could seamlessly handle the load while maintaining performance and user experience was of utter essence.


The proposed solution? Leverage the formidable capabilities of AWS to revolutionize Arty's infrastructure and maximize operational efficiency. A suite of carefully selected AWS services played a pivotal role in this transformative process.

Our solution involved implementing serverless services such as AWS Lambda to reduce data latency. The Lambdas were configured to be triggered by specific events based on scheduled data retrieval times. This approach ensured that Arty consistently received up-to-the-minute data. The retrieval process utilized Lambda functions to acquire the data and subsequently handed it over to other Lambda functions for processing. A true serverless AWS solution.


In conclusion, the implementation of our solution has launched a new era of data processing for Arty, marked by remarkable achievements. The transformation has rendered the data ingestion process not only 100% stable but also exponentially faster, with a remarkable 7x increase in speed compared to the previous implementation. Furthermore, the time for product data being updated was reduced by 75 %. In short, product data is now being updated in minutes compared to the previous process that took hours.

Beyond speed, since the solution is completely serverless, it has also eliminated the burden of maintenance, allowing Arty to focus on their core objectives, namely, creating value for their business and customers. 

This achievement is a testament to the power of innovation and the strategic utilization of AWS services, particularly AWS Lambda, to drive efficiency and reliability. As Arty continues to evolve and grow, this optimized data processing framework serves as a strong foundation for meeting the demands of a dynamic and data-intensive landscape while delivering superior performance and stability.